Boudoir Session Prep & Lingerie Guide

Creating a truly special boudoir experience begins with ensuring your clients feel completely informed and supported every step of the way. To assist in this journey, I've carefully crafted a comprehensive set of thoughtful suggestions aimed at helping clients feel fully ready for their session. Within this downloadable boudoir prep-guide, adaptable to individual needs, you can help your clients arrive at their session feeling confident, prepared, and valued. Your clients can trust that their experience matters deeply to you, as much as it does to them.

This comprehensive guide has you covered from A to Z! Dive into a detailed prep timeline that takes you step-by-step from a month before your session right up to the big day. No detail is overlooked in this all-encompassing guide!

From lingerie suggestions and explanations to essential tips on what to (and not to) bring to your session, it's packed with everything you need for a successful boudoir experience.

Explore helpful insights and suggestions on various studio add-ons, and tips on stretching and posing to help alleviate any pre-session jitters. Whether it's a first-time client or a return client, you'll find valuable information to enhance their session and make it truly memorable.

What's Included:

  1. PDF Session Questionnaire: This questionnaire is designed to gather all the essential information about your client, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience.
  2. PDF Lingerie Purchasing Guide: Access a curated list of 50+ online retailers offering a wide range of lingerie options, complete with price ranges to suit every budget.
  3. PDF Boudoir Session Prep and Lingerie Guide: This comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions and tips for preparing for a boudoir session, along with suggestions for selecting the perfect lingerie and so very much more. (Note: This includes wording only.)
  4. Adobe Express Link: Access to the full guide, showcasing examples of how your finished product can look. Discover ideas for images, wording, and placement to create a visually stunning and engaging guide for your clients.

With these resources at your fingertips, you'll be equipped to deliver an exceptional boudoir experience

All for only $125

All for only $125

“Holy shit it's amazing! ...I love that you give the template on Adobe Express. But also give the text plainly too. Makes it easy to copy and paste it”